Benefits of VoIP

Many businesses are beginning to enroll in VoIP services because of the various benefits that the service offers.  In comparison to legacy phone systems, many companies have realized that there are significant differences in the benefits associated with VoIP. Currently, there is a wide prevalence in the desire for VoIP for a few of the following reasons:

Cost Savings

Let’s face it. As an individual or a business, the most attractive benefit of a service is cost control and savings. When a business transitions from public switched phone networks, the cost of long-distance calling drops dramatically—instead of being processed across commercial telecommunications configurations, service is rather processed via the Internet or private data networks.  VoIP decreases costs in more ways than diminishing the price of long distance calling, though.  By enlisting in VoIP services, businesses also save on equipment costs, manpower, and overall maintenance. One physical network maintains all of an organization’s voice and data, deviating from the need for separate PBX tie lines.

Though the initial cost for setting up VoIP is higher, the savings over time that are accumulated by managing one consolidated data network surpass any preliminary fees. Also, as the VoIP administrator, there is no need for multiple teams to be managing different networks when operating on one consolidated network- thus creating more savings! For your valued VoIP customers, because there is more accessibility to long distance and international calling by way of the data networks, there is a lower charge for subscription and usage. In the case of VoIP, everyone wins.

Integrated Media Service

In the digital age we are now living in, multimedia communication is the best vessel a business can use for the transfer of information. Because there are so many avenues for communication in this day and age, it is important that the opportunity for each is maximized, especially in terms of a business platform. The beauty of switching over to VoIP hosted services is that businesses can be connected on a social, multimedia level where not only do they have all of the perks of phone and Internet service, but the added value from features such as instant messaging, video conferencing, transferring images, among other great applications creates pathways that businesses can craft individually to suit their needs. This feature of VoIP hosted service not only enables businesses to perform on a more individually successful level, but it also opens the business up to new communications markets that may not have been reached via legacy phone systems technology.

Mobile Versatility

In traditional phone systems, companies would assign a phone number with a concrete line. In general, a phone number could not move from place to place if so desired. The process for updating a phone number to a new location (a common concept for growing businesses) is often times inconvenient and cumbersome, however with hosted VoIP services, phones can use the same number regardless of location so long as the IP connectivity is appropriate. Businesses are also converting their mobile phone applications to VoIP services that connect with the same servers as the office phones.  The context of mobility goes as much for the service as it does for the phone itself with VoIP- wherever the phone might be, there the service and features are also! Not only are the services domestically versatile, they have international dissemblance of boundaries. For instance, a business owner could be owned and operated out of Paris, France and subscribe to a US number, making all calls domestic calls even though they are being made from France! Convenient and versatile!

Application Integrations

VoIP protocols such as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and H.323 run on the application level of the data network and have the ability to integrate with other applications as part of your offered services, such as web browsers, email, instant messaging, social interfaces, etc. The users of these applications are at the highest advantage because they are operating within comprehensive services. An example of this would be voicemail delivery via email, click-to-call website services, and presence information on contact lists.  VoIP not only provides great options for network services, but it consolidates and simplifies daily business tasks.  Among the integration of apps, VoIP customers are able to subscribe to such features as Find-Me-Follow-Me, selective call forwarding, personalized ringtones, etc.

In making the decision on whether or not to switch from traditional phone service to web hosted VoIP, there are many things to consider. Focusing on the overall benefits, including vast savings, is ultimately the best strategy in choosing which type of service you are going to choose.

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