Call USA’s Solution for the City of Mitchell

Call USA’s solution for the City of Mitchell


The City of Mitchell, Indiana was struggling with an inefficient traditional phone system: five government buildings, each with separate phone numbers for various departments, and no centralization.  This arrangement was causing frustration not only for callers, but for city employees as well.

The city needed a solution that reduced the costs and overall maintenance of their communications, while making it easier to communicate across five locations.


Call USA engineered a solution using hosted PBX and VoIP phones. This system connected all five locations and gave incoming callers the impression that they were calling into a single location.

Now incoming calls can be routed across the five locations without the need for a caller to hang up and dial another number. Calls can come into an operator and be quickly transferred to the correct department, or transfer directly across locations with three-digit dialing.  Also, all calls from any city agency can source from a single phone number.

The City of Mitchell has seen significant savings from the reduction in phone lines, as well as an enhanced employee and client experience.

About Call USA

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