Internet provided at Leavenworth Elementary

Leavenworth Elementary School of Leavenworth, Indiana is a National Blue Ribbon award-winning 4 star school. They are well supported by teachers, parents and the community. In the words of one Leavenworth Elementary teacher, “As teachers we are given the tools and guidelines to raise our classroom effectiveness yet at the same time teach in our own personal style”. This is part of the reason that we at Helix Technologies, along with our sister company Netsurf USA, are proud to be able to set this school up with some of the newest Internet connection technology available.

When a fiber connection for broadband Internet wouldn’t work for the school, Helix Technologies didn’t give up, they found another way. With an FCC Licensed Wireless Link, Netsurf USA is able to give the students of Leavenworth Elementary the speed and reliability needed to be successful in learning about the great big World Wide Web. This FCC Licensed Link means that the school has a guaranteed connection without risks of losing the signal or delays in speed. The students at Leavenworth are getting the fastest, most reliable Internet connection available in the area and we are pleased to provide these services to the school.

Netsurf USA provides a Fixed Wireless connection that establishes a dedicated wireless link to businesses and residences, providing a cost-effective, carrier-grade alternative to T-1 service or other high-speed connections. A Fixed Wireless Internet connection is unaffected by weather conditions and does not require a phone line. NetSurf USA provides full-service Internet connectivity, including Fixed Wireless, to businesses and homes in French Lick, Mitchell, and the surrounding areas. If you would like more information on how to get your home or business connected, contact Helix Technologies today!