oPhone is now available

The future is here! It may sound like something out of a comic book, but a new device called the oPhone could make the old joke about “Smell-O-Vision” a reality. The first “scent message” was sent from Paris to New York via the Internet on June 24, 2014.

The oPhone device contains cartridges of 32 basic aromas, which can be combined to produce hundreds of thousands of different scents. The sender creates an oNote, which is a scent combination attached to a photo, and sends it via email. The receiving device releases the scent pattern, one aroma after another, allowing the recipient to smell as well as see the message.

Surprisingly, this amazing device is not an experimental prototype or a new toy only for the super-rich. The oPhone is available on preorder for only $149 through the investors’ Indiegogo campaign.

Go here Buy the oPhone or here First Scent Message Sent Across the Atlantic for more information, video demonstrations, and lots of ideas for how this gadget could change how we communicate!

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