Service Expanding

Internet service expanding

BY KRYSTAL SHETLER I Posted: Friday, April 18, 2014

BEDFORD – With Internet service that stretches from the Ohio River north to Judah, NetSurf USA and its sister company Helix Technologies are making a concerted advance through northern Lawrence County in an effort to offer service to rural customers.

The technology firms, locally owned and operated by Randy Clark and Don Renner, recently cooperated with the city of Bedford to install free WiFi service to the Lawrence County Courthouse Square in downtown Bedford. Clark said the firm has been averaging anywhere from 100 to 205 users every day since that was activated.

But the march north of the White River doesn’t start and end in the downtown. Within the next 60 days, service will be activated from a tower on Mitchell Road, opening up high-speed Internet to customers along Sandpit Road, east to St. Vincent de Paul and north to the Englewood neighborhoods.

“Although the new tower will serve parts of the city of Bedford, we usually concentrate on the outlying communities in order to offer customers the same Internet service they can get if they lived in a city. We think they deserve that,” Clark said.

Places normally served only by firms such as HughesNet now have the NetSurfUSA option, including Pumpkin Center, Bremer, Patoka Reservoir, Duff, Leavenworth, Huron, Pinhook and Buddha. And, soon, NetSurf USA will be up and running in both Heltonville and Springville, too.

“Internet is now a utility,” Clark said. “It’s not an option for most people, but a requirement. And you have to have something, such as high-speed Internet, to keep young people in the community by giving them the same options that they can get in the big cities.”

And to make it simpler, NetSurf will be consolidating its plans for customers. They will now have two options: One will offer higher speeds and unlimited data usage while the other is aimed at consumers who are more price conscious by offering 10 megabytes of data at a lower price.

“You don’t need 18,000 options to chose from, so we’re simplifying your life by offering just two plans,” Clark said. “But for 90 days everyone will be upgraded to the unlimited data and higher speeds so they can decide what they like best – price or speed.”

Clark said the cooperation Helix and NetSurf USA, which have offices in French Lick and Mitchell, has received from the cities of Mitchell and Bedford has been “instrumental in helping us expand” throughout Lawrence County.

“We’re excited about the opportunity available to help our communities,” Clark said. “Right now, we’re just going to see where it goes.”

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