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Simplify Your Life with NetSurfUSA for new Residential Internet installations in Bedford, Indiana:

With so many options for Internet service, it can be hard to tell which plan is right for you.  How much speed do you need?  How much do you use?  How much will it cost you?  Let NetSurfUSA simplify your life with our easy-to-follow Internet options.

If you’re a heavy user, online gamer, or have multiple connected devices, our unlimited plan for residential Internet is what you need!  Right now, for new installations we’re offering *unlimited usage for just $49.95/month.  If you’re a more casual user, or only have a few devices in your home, consider our basic plan.  At just $29.95/month, it’s more than affordable, and our 10Mbps speed is great for homework, research, or your favorite videos.  Even more, when you sign up for our basic plan, we’ll more than double your speed to 25Mbps for the first three months!  Our plans are simple with no data caps or overages!

Amazing speeds, no limits, all at great prices.   What could be simpler? If you’re looking for new residential Internet service in Bedford, IN, call NetSurfUSA today and simplify your life!

*Actual bandwidth may vary and is based on customer equipment