The Truth about High Speed Internet Providers Claims of Download Speed: Why you should trust your local ISP.

You’ve decided to move from the comfort and convenience of the city to the peace and tranquility of the country. You’re all set up with a new home office, ready to enjoy your new setting and leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind. You’ve planned every detail of this life changing decision, you have a new zip code, a new area code, a new office chair and as you making your final preparations for your big move you call your ISP to transfer your awesome super fast broadband internet service to your new address and that’s when you get the news…They do NOT service the area you are moving too!

All right, no sweat, you have the power of the Internet at your fingertips. So you hop online and search for ISPs in your new zip code, only to discover that the big, always available (or so you thought) companies that you have come to rely on so much for their superfast broadband service, have absolutely NO coverage for your new home office! As the panic begins to set in you have visions of angry clients screaming through your phone about an email that you are still waiting on to download because you could not get “high speed” internet service and you are waiting thirty minutes for a 100k document to download, right??

Well, not quite! Did you know that those super fast speeds that the “big” ISPs are advertising are based on claims of speed, not actual proof of speed? What? And that speed and rates may vary? Come again!! Read the fine print! Things like, “rates and bandwidth options vary” or “Speed claim(s) based on maximum speed capabilities which may vary” or other interesting remarks.

If your anything like me then you rely on lightening fast speeds for both downloading and uploading. You got that super fast package with the extra booster turbo blast to kick it up a few notches, you didn’t mind paying the extra money because you enjoyed the speed at which your Netflix downloaded and at which your last project uploaded from your office to your client’s server. However, like me, you also got feed a lie and then bought into that lie with a fat monthly bill! That super fast package you paid for each month promising you 100+Mbps probably only delivered about 20Mbps a speed that cost about ½ of what you paid!! Truth is the BIG ISP companies sell you on “Claims” of high speed, but they are just that, claims. Don’t be fooled by the big numbers, your local guys can give you the exact same speed you have had all along, they just leave off the shiny packaging!