Top 5 Reasons to go with a Local ISP versus a National ISP

Reason #5 location, location, location. In the big scheme of things a huge deciding factor when selecting an Internet service provider is what’s actually available in your area. Let’s face facts, it is comforting to stick with a National ISP, a familiar name, one you’ve heard on loads of commercials. So when it suddenly occurs to you that your old ISP doesn’t serve your new address don’t panic. There are plenty of Local ISPs out there to choose from.

Reason #4 cost is generally a determining factor when choosing any kind of service provider and choosing an ISP is no different. National ISP advertise inexpensive upfront costs that usually come with large price tags later on down the road, such as annual agreements and early termination fees. These low prices often do NOT include taxes and other associated fees that can really add up. In the end, that low monthly bill your expecting turns out to be a far cry from what you thought it should be. This alone can lead to me shopping around for another service provider. Your Local ISP is going to offer you price options that don’t change and are often quite a bit more reasonable then a National ISP.

Reason #3 download and upload speed is another determining factor when selecting an Internet service provider. The nice thing about choosing a Local ISP is that your speed is often more reliable for one simple reason, the amount of data usage at any given time. That obscenely fast download speed, offered by your National ISP, is only wonderful if that’s the speed you’re actually getting. Data cables are only capable of transferring a certain amount of data at any given time, when usage is high, than speed suffers as the cable reaches capacity. Simply put your local ISP can offer you a more consistent speed since the amount of data being transferred is only as much as the number of customers they are servicing.

Reason #2 reliability may not be the first thing you ask when shopping for a new internet service provider, however it is possibly the one thing that can make or break your relationship with your ISP. As we move towards a wireless, paperless society we rely more and more on our ability to quickly and easily access this information via the world wide web. If for any reason there is a disruption in this vast array of information on the information super highway, than suddenly, or so it may seem, life comes to a screeching halt. Every millisecond we spend down costs us money, whether you are a major corporation or a single consumer. Technology occasionally fails, this is a fact of life, however your local ISP is likely to have a service technician available and near by to get you up and running, while your national ISP may take several times longer due to the greater distance in service area.

Reason #1 customer service is, or at least to me, a deal maker or breaker. It is the first impression we as consumers gather on that initial phone call to inquire about service. If that voice we hear on the other end of the line is friendly, clear and inviting, than chances are we’re in, or at least the ISP has made it past our first cut. Even after you have chosen the ISP retained their services and have been a happy customer without issue, it would only take one person with the wrong attitude to cause a break up! Customer service is the single most important thing a business can offer, more important then cost and speed. If the customer service is poor chances are a break up is in the near future. We’ve all heard the scenario, your being on hold for a hour or longer only to be hung up on or told you need to call a different number after the computer voice you have been communicating with finally acts like it understands you and transfers you to what you think will be a real human voice! It is a far more likely scenario, that your local ISP will have an actual human voice answer the phone in the first place further and that this person will likely be the person who can actually help you!